Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How soon does my order ship?
A: We create, pack and ship most orders within 24 hours of when we get them. If they come early enough in the day (like before 2pm), most go out the same day.

Q: How long will it take for my gift basket to arrive?
A: This depends on how far you are from us. If you have selected UPS Ground, delivery is 5-7 business days. Most folks do not realize that weekends don’t count as business days. If we ship a box to the west coast on a Friday afternoon, that package might not arrive till the following Friday. We have also had east coast deliveries arrive the day after they have been shipped (two days is more reasonable though). If you are a procrastinator and have waited till the last minute to shop for a gift, then you might want to splurge on expedited shipping.

Q: Can you ship my order to arrive on a certain day?
A: We can get pretty close. We get estimated delivery information from our shippers and they are usually pretty accurate. Send us an email or call or type a quick note in the gift comments area if you’d like your gift delivered on a certain day.

Q: What are your shipping costs?
A: We used to ship exclusively with UPS, however they have recently increased their rates almost 7% (Jan09). We are now offering USPS Priority as a shipping option. 90% plus of packages shipped this way get to their destination in 2 days (the other 10% get there in 3). We’ve added a new dialog box in your cart window so that you can compare all the shipping options we offer as soon as you add a gift basket to the shopping cart. The shipping calculators that estimate these charges are pretty darn accurate (I’ve checked!).

Please keep in mind that the gift baskets we create get shipped in large boxes (an average size is 14″ x 14″ x 18″ high. Shipping costs can run (on average) between $12.00-$22.00 per box shipped UPS Ground. We feel that this is still the most reasonable way to ship our Gift Baskets. Expedited shipping is going to be more and USPS Priority Mail seems to be the most reasonably priced way to ship here. Of course, shipping rates do depend on how far you live from us. Given that many online vendors will charge you $10.00 to ship a CD/DVD in an envelope, the shipping cost is reasonable for the size and weight of the parcels we send.

Q: Do you artificially inflate your shipping costs to make money?
A: Our shipping costs include: what UPS or USPS charges us to deliver your gift + the cost of the box + the cost of packing peanuts. That’s it.